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Cyril Bodney
Cyril Bodney. Cyril Bodney is now residing at Corringie Aboriginal Settlement under the care of Vic and Vanessa Isaacs. Cyril was a world class boxer, he was in the same class as World Champion Freddie Dawson who came to Australian shores in the early 1950s under the management of American promoter Joe Lynch. Cyril was considered one of the best boxers pound for pound who ever pulled a glove on. But due to mismanagement and a drink and drug problem he never reached the goal he should have, he eventually finished up with brain damage and was committed to a mental hospital where he spent 8 years in a locked ward, when I found where he was I contacted the hospital and was able to get him placed in my care where he has been for the past 10 years . When he first came to me he was on 5 different lots of tablets which were given to him to keep him calm, I threw the tablets away and he is better of as you can see in the photo.

Western Australia
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