A chapter in the life of Pte V.J.Isaacs 5/410017
C Company. 3rd Bttln. R.A.S.R. K Force
Anzac Day 25th April 1999

                                   Vic Isaacs (Yebble)
Darlot / Wardandie Elder
                                         "I am an Aborigine".
The bitter cold war fought between the United Nations forces and the North Korean and Chinese Communists in Korea is one of the least known chapters in Australian military history. What people don't see or hear about is the cold hard horror of the conflict that the Aussie Diggers went through while on their tour of duty.

One instant I recall when talking to a female shop assistant in Perth whilst shopping with my grandson when she asked him what he was going to do when he left school and he said "I'm going to join the Army like my Grandfather", and the woman said "Oh you were in the Army  " and I said "Yes I fought in Korea back in the early 1950s", she then said "I never knew that Aboriginal people had ever been to war". I then said "Well lady I was there in the thick of the whole stinking mess, so you've just learned a new lesson today".
This is where the History books have to be rewritten and more education through the school system to teach young people and (older people) who don't know the facts about the unsung Aboriginal Heroes who fought in cold hard conflicts on foreign soils away from the land of their birth.
My Father, Uncles and most of my 1st cousins went away to fight for this country.

The Korean War was not like Vietnam, in the last two years of conflict it was bogged down in trench warfare, there are stories written in magazines telling in detail about the (3RAR) 3rd Battalion Royal Australian Regiments actions at Kapyong and other areas.

P1 A heavily armed patrol from A Company 3RAR waits until sundown before heading out into No Mans Land. (Photo by 3RAR veteran Colin H Brown)  Australian & NZ Defender Magazine.

This year prior to Anzac day 1999 I contacted Reg Bandy who was my S.M. when I was in the Army, he was happy to hear from me and he told me where the troops line up on Anzac day. So as I am in Perth I hope to take part in the march down here.

(1)         Vic Isaacs by the banner, before the march.

The beginning of the Korean conflict began soon after the closing of the Second World War. Korea which was a colony of Japan, but was occupied by the Allies.

The United States occupied South Korea below the 38th Parallel, the Soviet Forces held the North of the line which was as the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK ) or more commonly known as North Korea.

On the 25th June 1950 the Communist North launched a massive attack on the South, with late model T-34 tanks and heavy artillery supplied by their Soviet Sponsors.

The North/South Korea divide along the 38th Parallel became one of the most sensitive areas on the planet as tensions rose between the Communist and Democratic blocks within the victories Allies and the Cold War erupted.

P2  Hill 355 the highest and most important point. The Diggers renamed the hill 'Little Gibraltar'.  ( Photo by 3RAR veteran Colin H Brown )

Sunday morning I woke up at 6 am on a beautiful sunny day 25th April 1999.
Today was a very important day for the Darlot / Wardandie man  from the remote
area of North Eastern Gold fields in Western Australia.


P3  Looking towards the Chinese held hill 227, known as 'John' the in between was aggressively patrolled by the Diggers. ( Photo by 3RAR veteran Colin H Brown )

This is the second time that I have taken part in a very historic event, the first
time was in Leonora last year 1998, this year I will be in the big march in Perth
Western Australia.


P4  Blizzards sweeping down from Siberia would cover the ground with up to a metre of snow. ( Photo by 3RAR veteran Colin H Brown )

I took with me one of my grandsons Tyson and we made our way down to the
starting of point where we all assembled for the march.

(7)                Mingli Wunjurri Nungala
We met up with Mingli, this was around 9 am so we just waited around catching up
with old mates who had been over in Korea and other conflicts around the globe.

P6 A patrol prepares to go over the wire, helmets were never worn on patrol. ( Photo by 3RAR veteran Colin H Brown )

(4)      The Korean Vets marched under the banner,
          Korea & South East Asia Forces Association.

P7  A wounded Digger is stretchered out through the trenches. ( Photo by 3RAR veteran Colin H Brown )


P8  The battle scared slope leading up to an Aussie position almost every tree is stripped of its leaves, due to the heavy bombardments of the Chinese artillery and mortar fire. ( Photo by 3RAR veteran Colin H Brown )

At last we all lined up and the march began from ANZAC House heading up St
George's Terrace to William St all the way the crowd was clapping and calling out
and it made me feel so proud to be at last receiving some recognition of what I
and others had been through in days gone by, the parade then carried on down to
the Esplanade where we all assembled as the Services took place, from where we
stood it was impossible to hear anything so we just stood around and chatted and
took photos.


P9   'The Hook' where 2RAR killed 3000 Chinese in two days. ( Photo by 3RAR veteran Colin H Brown )

P10  Two 3RAR Diggers in full battle order.  ( Photo by 3RAR veteran Colin H Brown )

When the National Anthem was played we broke up and made our way back to
ANZAC House.

                            Other Vets  I met there.

Len Ogilvie.

Gavin Mallard
11 Ridley Place Carnarvon WA               08 99413320.

Frank Berry         D Company 3rd Battln.
Bruce Rock WA                                          08 90611032.

Graham Stead      A Company   3rd Battln.

Bill Dickinson       B Company    3rd Battln.

Arthur Macfarlane   B Company 3 Battln.
93362710        Bridgetown.

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