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              A chapter in the life of Victor James Isaacs

                    Darlot / Wardandie Tribal Elder

                              "I am an Aborigine".

                              Vic Isaacs ( Yebble ) 

                   V.J.Isaacs Wilja Hostel Corringie Settlement PO Box 232 Leonora

 New Page Published on the 22nd July 1999.


The pictures and stories below have been handed down to me from my Elders who have gone before me, all this will be handed down to my children to hold onto, as every thing must not be forgotten.

We must remember where we came from, where we are now, and where we are going. 

Hi my name is Victor James Isaacs, I am an Aboriginal Elder of the Darlot / Wardandie people we live in a remote area in the north eastern gold fields of Western Australia 1,000 kms from the capital of Perth. This land is my birthplace, it is where I roamed as a boy back in the early 1930s I still have memories of the Afghan camel drivers, and our people who opened up this 
great outback land ,my Father was one of those men.

    Charlie Isaacs, Uncle Sam, Wally Isaacs.
                       My Father and Mother.

My Mother was one of the Stolen Generation of children who was taken from their Mothers and their birthplace, my Mother was taken from Marble Bar and sent to the Salvation Home in Collie which is in the Lower South West of the state, when she became of age she was sent to work on stations in the North Eastern Goldfields.
My Mother was a first-class cook she was capable of cooking many dishes and was a master at making our own bread. all these skills are  lost to many of our people today.

                     The Pink House in Gwalia.
Gwalia was the home town of my early childhood days, I have many memories of the times my brothers and I spent there.

My father was a member of the 10th Light Horse Brigade, he was a noted horse breaker, teamster, drover and cook and there was many out back trips that I used to do with him when I was a young boy, trips that took us out to the remote areas in the far north eastern gold fields, these great times are still fresh in my mind, like the time I fell asleep in the mustering pen in the middle of a flock of sheep, at a place called Malcom, not far from Leonora.

My Father working on a dam site in the south west of Western Australia.

I am also a Elder of the Wardandie tribe of the Lower South West of Western Australia they are the salt-water people who lived by the ocean and followed the forest paths. Our Ancestors were the caretakers of this land before white settlement, they lived in harmony with the birds, animals and the bush.

(My people), this woman is one of my ancestors from the Wardandie tribe of the lower south west of Western Australia, they lived in the forest's and fished by the ocean. 
In 1996 I remember on one of my trips back to the lower South West with Mingli, Geoffrey and Diontae  as we were coming into Margaret River it started raining lightly, that night we stayed at a Lodge in the thick forest, as the night wore on the rain got heavy and the wind whistled through the trees making a sort of wailing sound, I opened the door and went out and looked up into the sky through the swaying trees and my mind went back to my old people who I knew were welcoming us back as they knew that we had travelled over 1000 kms to be back with them.
The rain continued on throughout the night and into the next day, around the middle of the afternoon the rain eased and I knew that we had been received and accepted into the fold of our ancestors. (Praise The Lord ).

I can remember as a small boy with my Mother & Father and my 2 brothers, travelling down to Lower South West of W A to the area of land where our people roamed, these visits were to keep our connection to the area alive, they were great times that will forever remain in my mind. 
So I'm proud of my heritage as my roots can be traced back through the annals of time. 
I believe that this country was the cradle of civilization and the home of the Black man.

Sam Isaacs seated (tribal name Yebble).

My Great Grandmother was a Tribal elder of the Wardandie Tribe who were salt-water people that roamed through the jarrah forests and fished by the ocean. Her son, later known as Sam Isaacs was given the tribal name 'Yebble' which is still used by our family today, he later took part in rescuing of people from the stranded ship 'Georgette' on the south west coast, in 1876 at Calgarup, with Grace Bussell, he was aged 31 yrs, Grace Bussell was 16 yrs of age.
My Great Grandfather was a Native American or Creole mariner who came to these shores on a American whaler hunting whales and seals along the south coast of Western Australia in the 1800s. He stayed in port long enough to conceive a child that he never knew to be born. 
My African American Grandmother was another addition to our shores, her father was Lieutenant Major Lowe, she had a brother named Elijah Lowe who lived and worked around the Margaret River, Busselton area.

My Grandfather, Jock Walker, on my Mothers side was Scottish. My Grandmother on my Mothers side was Australian Aboriginal who's Tribal group was (Njamal) from the area between Pt Headland and Marble Bar. So I am of mixed parentage. I have a first cousin named Ron Walker who lives in Pt Headland.

Ron Walker & my daughter Gladys at his home in Pt Hedland.

I want to pay my respects to my mother who made everything possible for me and my 2 brothers, who she raised right from the desert country of Leonora to the shores of Margaret River and Busselton. My sister who was born in Leonora passed away at the age of 3 yrs and now R.I.P. in Leonora.

All donations of financial assistance, building material or voluntary work would be greatly appreciated. Also lets have some feedback.

Victor James Isaacs, (Yebble)


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