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                                A Chapter in the life of the Darlot / Wardandie Man

                                                              I am an Aborigine.

                                                             Vic Isaacs

We affirm that land is an important part of our individual family and community life, Our people have cared for the land for thousands of generations and made it cultivable to us, therefore, it is the very substance of life. The history and identity of our people is intimately bound up with land and therefore our history and self understanding becomes meaningful only when related to our land. Land is the primary means of our continuity as a people it connects our past and it is the hope of our future .

              Hannan Street Kalgoorlie Western Australia.
                                    The Town of Shame

Every time I come to Kalgoorlie and see what is happening to my people , it makes me so depressed, and angry.
Kalgoorlie the Golden Mile would have to be one of the richest pieces of real estate world wide, this is where they brag about having the biggest trucks, the biggest  Super Pit  and the biggest chunks of gold in the country.

                         The Super Pit Kalgoorlie

27/3/1999 Kalgoorlie Miner  KCGM celebrates golden milestone.
The five-millionth ounce from the Fimiston gold room was allocated to bar number 11,007 but KCGM public affairs officer said there would be no pride of place for the bar and it would just  get lost in the system .

The number indicates how many bars have been poured at the Fimiston gold room. Each bar weighs about 13 kgs and the gold poured since 1989 amounts to 210 tonnes.

Yet rising up out of the dust, squalor and misery in the centre of all this, are the last descendants of our stone age people (my opinion) who have had their lifestyle stolen away from them, by the dispossession of our lands, and culture.

Aboriginal stockman the back bone of the Nation, who were used up by the wadjellas (whitefellas) in more ways than one.

The stations where we lived and worked are now owned by the Mining Giants. So the Aboriginal stockmen who helped to build these stations up have been evicted from the land, and have been replaced by airborne cowboys and motorbike riders.

These people then become the fringe dwellers who mean no harm to anyone, they have been stripped of their dignity, but these people are no fools for they know that others have profited and will continue to profit from their misery.

"Where are the millions of dollars that comes into this town for the benefit of Aboriginal people?, Who profits from this massive injection of funds?".

As we can see the poor fringe dwellers certainly don't.

"So where has all the money gone?".

Ask the power brokers who have control of the purse strings, and who hold meetings in expensive Hotels or Motels to decide  the plight of the fringe dwellers, and which people will benefit from this tax funded lottery. I reckon most of the wealth has been squandered on things like new vehicles, comfortable lifestyles and expensive meetings, that are of no benefit to the fringe dwellers at all.

These people are living in a cultural timewarp, with no hope for the future, they are the losers and are on the edge of deaths doorstep.

While my daughter was in Kalgoorlie in February 1999, she was walking down  Maritaina Street in the centre of Kalgoorlie and what caught her eye was this sign that was written on the wall of the Commonwealth Bank, in the lane way. It just goes to show what type of sick people there are lurking around in lane ways getting a thrill out of doing things like this.

Mauritania Street Kalgoorlie
February 1999

How safe must our people feel living in the confines of this Dominant Society. Things used to be different for our people. We used to live in an entirely different way than what we are  expected  to now. It was a hard life back then in many ways, yes. But it was how our Creator put us here to live that we miss so much. Our balance has been lost, and the authorities not allowing us to be who we are meant to be, makes it hard to live here with the rest of  you  who like to go against the balance of all living things within nature.

Until the colour of our skin can be established as an acceptable mix within the Australians thought process, the violence that is waged against us and all of nature will continue.

    The rape and destruction of our land is still visible today

Over the years that our country has been overrun by the Dominant Society my people have been living on borrowed time, we were herded out of our homelands and placed in Government institutions, jails and hospitals, and any one found to be mentally unsound was put into hospital and given medication to keep them calm and under control, Then they are placed in mental institutions and finish up lost in the system, and in some cases never to be heard of again, this is ethnic cleansing of a race of people in a small scale, but it is still happening here today.

One instant was the time my mate Cyril Bodney got on the mad roller coaster ride of drink, drugs and fast cars, and faster women, he then finished up in a mental asylum for 8 years, where he became a walking zombie, when I found out where he was and got him out, he was on 5 different lots of tablets, I have now got him off the tablets, and all that is wrong with him is loss of memory.

Cyril Bodney     Former Light Weight Boxing Champion.

Maybe one day we will find out what we're missing, because frankly, I'm at a loss for what is good  for an Aboriginal person in Australia, in retrospect of what we once had.

No wonder our young people are caught up on this mad roller coaster of drink, drugs and no respect for their elders, authority or themselves. " Where will it all end ?".

It would take enormous courage and the will to live for a person under such circumstances to shed the shackles of disadvantagment and to live a happy life.

These stories tell the tragic cycle of deprivation, Aboriginal people have been living under from generation to generation.

To the people of Kalgoorlie, Tourists, Tour Operators and other overseas visitors who come to this town and go around taking photos of my people who are less fortunate than themselves. Look listen and learn.

Think Twice

I Say  "Shame, Shame On You".

Kalgoorlie Miner Tuesday 30th  April 1999, page 3.

In-principle approval for camp,
A plan to establish a camp for Kalgoorlie- Boulder fringe dweller community has been given  approval from a local native title representative body, according to the city council.
Last year the council voted to create a camp for a maximum of 30 people on the edge of Boulder.

I say "What a load of rubbish".

At a meeting in Boulder the manager from the main Aboriginal Community  was complaining about living in third world conditions, ( because of their own mismanagement ), so why attempt to start something else off  that will be a failure and a waste of money and no benefit whatsoever to the fringe dwellers.

When these plans fail the cry then is "I told you so their just wasting taxpayers money".
I say "Who's fault is it that this has been allowed to happen".
People in high positions black and white wouldn't have the faintest idea on how to run a chook raffle.

"How many places are there in the Kalgoorlie area that are supposed to be  catering for our people? . but are not doing so".

What ever is wrong with our black bureaucrats, they have all they want, their home, car, job and a good income, and their just playing around and stuffing up other peoples lives. All these things have been tried before and they have failed.

This is Legalized Genocide.

All across the state nearly every Aboriginal Reserve, has been closed down.

People who want to move back to their homelands must be encouraged to do, so with full support from all agencies.

                                       The deprivation cycle must be broken.

                                                         We will survive

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